Lucky Kwong

Kylie Kwong
Diane Fernandes

Lucky Kwong is a casual, 25-seat eatery located in Sydney’s historic South Eveleigh precinct, inside what was a Locomotive Workshop.

Our client, Kylie Kwong AM– one of Australia’s most respected names in food- creates “food to feed the spirit”, and connection, harmony and engagement were central requirements for the space.

Designed in-house by APS Design, the hero materials, cork and steel, were selected to connect the new interior to the heritage of this special location, as well as due cork’s significant sustainability benefits. The black steel details are a nod to the blacksmiths’ workshops. Taking cues from the tones of the gum tree led the pallet to evolve with the furnishing in a monochromatic colour scheme.

Kylie Kwong’s wife Nell created the artwork that overlooks the space. A forged steel branch adorned with hand-blown glass “ghosts” that embody the spirit of Lucky, the baby they sadly lost to stillbirth, and the cafeteria’s namesake.

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